Our Methodology

“Experiential learning must remain our methodology to deliver high quality learning and development programs. It is the way to sculpture new skills and
attitudes before knowledge into the subconscious of our participants”

Ramy Ramzy, SPHR, MBA – Managing Partner at JUST HR

Our Portfolio

HR Management Programs

We provide educational HR programs through 2 perspectives. 1) Specialized HR Programs 2) International HR Certification Programs.

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Business Skills Programs

We provide the essential business skills programs for all sectors and departments. To support individuals and teams to fulfil their duties.

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Management & Leadership Programs

We provide basic and advanced programs for qualifying and developing both middle and senior management individuals and teams to support their abilities of leading their respective organizations.

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Technical skills programs
(CBS) - Competency Based Solutions

We provide specialized basic and advanced learning programs for the following departments:
- Finance
- Marketing
- Sales and Customer service

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Our L&D experts are there to support your organization’s efforts in people development and retention as well.
We take our participants into and exciting journey of learning through a wide range of “experiential” solutions and business simulations, conducted in a highly engaging environment that will help instantly in raising the learning effectiveness and support practical application.